Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Estancia Capital Management, LLC (“Estancia”), we have a long-standing policy of protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about you.  This Privacy Policy is intended to help you better understand why and how we collect certain personal information, the care with which we treat that information, and how we use that information from various users of (the “Site”). We are sensitive to the privacy concerns of the Site users and our Fund investors.

Information Collection, Usage, And Disclosure

When accessing and using the Site, we automatically collect personal identifiers, such as your IP address or location information (if available from your IP address or service provider’s IP address), usage information including time spent and pages accessed, device information like hardware, operating system, browser, and website preferences, to display our website and provide access to the Site. We may also utilize data analytics collected from the Site to help us improve the Site’s functionality and usefulness. Estancia may collect personal information, i.e. email addresses, about limited partners who access the private portal of the Site reserved for sole use by limited partners. At times, user of the Site may opt to email individuals at Estancia through available submission forms posted on the Site’s Contact Us and Careers pages; in these instances, a user’s information including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other personally identifiable information provided by the requesting party may be collected in order to assist us in replying to or utilizing that information to assist the Site user. We will not sell your personal information to third parties. We use Flywheel (managed website hosting) and Google Analytics (website analytics tool) to provide usage statistics and support your access to and use of our Site.

Information Provided By Portfolio Companies And Other Third Party Websites

Estancia provides links to websites that are controlled and maintained by our Portfolio Companies and may provide links to other third parties. Although we do not have any control of the information provided in these websites, Estancia elects to provide these links for the proper use and convenience to our Site’s users. As a result, Estancia is not responsible or liable for the information provided and/or collected from these websites. This Privacy Policy only governs the information contained within this Site and the use of third party websites is advised at the user’s discretion.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We review the content of our Privacy Policy on a regular basis to ensure optimal quality. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Notice at any time. Any changes to information collection and usage will be provided within the contents of this Privacy Policy and will be updated immediately after. This Privacy Policy was last updated April 2022.


If you have any questions regarding Estancia’s Privacy Policy or any of its contents contained herein, please contact, or if you wish to notify Estancia of any violations of our Privacy Policy, please contact Estancia’s Chief Compliance Officer at (480) 448-5001. By accessing and using the Site, you agree to the information provided in our Privacy Policy.