Average Years of Senior Team Experience
Committed Capital
Portfolio Company Investments
Add-On Investments

Leveraging Decades Of Experience.

Estancia pairs our knowledge and experienced team of effective, analytical and strategic professionals with a network of independent senior advisors and industry consultants. This collaboration together with our many years of operating and corporate development experience supports growth, elevating industry-leading portfolio companies.

Singular Focus.

Estancia seeks to invest in management-driven, growth-oriented, capital-light companies.

Portfolio Company solutions include:

  • Front/Middle/Back Office Technology
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Analytics
  • Outsourced Administration
  • Digitization & Automation
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Distribution & Delivery
  • Advice/Financial Planning

Estancia employs an engaged and collaborative approach, unified through transparent and active communications with our portfolio company management teams and investors.

Estancia seeks to invest in companies demonstrating industry leadership within their industries. We partner with outstanding management teams that are passionate, innovative, and eager to grow with the help of our knowledge and guidance, building value for investors.

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Estancia solicits ideas from all corners and welcomes a wide range of experiences, skill sets and perspectives. When everyone on the team plays a part, everyone benefits.

Our All-For-One Approach Unites Business Owners, Investors and Management Teams.