Estancia adds strategic and operational value to the companies we invest in through two tangible strengths: our highly experienced professionals and our dedicated team of expert industry resources.

Our Approach Maximizes Every Investment Opportunity.

Over the years, Estancia has honed our systematic investment process to ensure everything falls into place. As active capital investors, we employ a buy-and-build mindset helping companies grow organically and scale through accretive acquisitions — proven to produce enduring value. The core of our success is commitment, creativity, patience, and flexible capital solutions.

  1. Broad network of industry consultants, centers of influence and investment banking firms to source differentiated investment opportunities
  2. Roster of former senior executives, colleagues and partners from years of industry participation
  3. Thematic sourcing leveraging internally identified themes and tracking
  1. Company research and if applicable CIM review
  2. Confirm transaction rationale and objectives
  3. Conduct preliminary (high-level) financial/investment analysis
  4. On-site meetings with management team
  5. Initial thesis of market landscape and competitive dynamics
  6. Channel checks and industry references
  1. Collect and analyze complete target company information
  2. Commercial, operational, legal & regulatory, and financial review
  3. Develop detailed financial model of proposed investment, capital structure(s) and co-investment opportunities
  4. Define successful investment and time horizon
  5. Execute non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) inclusive of key transaction details
  1. Negotiate and execute definitive legal documents
  2. Complete internal Estancia Investment Memo
  3. Secure regulatory approvals and/or client consent, as may be required
  4. Conduct closing
  1. Roll-out key initiatives agreed to with management. By example:
    1. Incentive plans
    2. Accretive acquisitions
    3. Key hires sourcing, and
    4. Business development and other company-specific initiatives
  2. Implement Estancia’s standard KPIs and reporting templates
  3. Institute monthly updates and quarterly board meetings

The Value of Transparency.

We are active and engaged communicators sensitive to the various constituents while maintaining a consistent practice of honoring our word…”We do what we say we will do”!